Success – Serina

My name is Serina. I want to Live and Lead by Example. I have struggled with body image my entire life; tried so many diets and hated my body. I decided to turn my life around again (the right way) December 2008. I found Zumba in my gym and fell in love. By the second class I knew I wanted to teach it…someday.  I was 234 lbs and thought I should wait until I was that perfect size. I was inspired and encouraged by my loved ones to go for it and not wait for it!

I did it! I came back from my instruction on fire (218 lbs). I started teaching right away. The weight began to melt off me. More importantly, I was showing my students that I too was on a journey.  So far, 67 lbs down! I love my body again! I strive to eat right and make good choices one day at a time. Some days are harder than others. I don’t punish myself anymore. I LOVE to dance! I want to teach others to love their bodies the way they are RIGHT NOW, while striving for better health and fitness. I love ZUMBA! For me, there isn’t a better way to feel sexy and beautiful than by expressing myself with music and fun!

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