Success – Kelley

Hi, I’m Kelley and I wanted to tell you about the journey that I have been on for the past year … although to be more accurate it’s a journey I’ve been on my whole life.

I have struggled with my weight, body image and self esteem issues since I was a little girl.  I spent many years tying my self-worth to numbers on a scale or a dress size.  It didn’t matter what kind of a person I was on the inside if the package on the outside wasn’t meeting societal expectations.

I conquered most of my self esteem issues by my early 30’s when I finally figured out it didn’t matter what the numbers on the scale were but what kind of a person you were. Unfortunately that was only the beginning of my roller coaster ride with my weight and overall physical health. 

For years my weight yo-yoed anywhere from 200lbs to 260lbs.  I stabilized at 200lbs for many years until I endured some personal setbacks in 2008 and I put on 40lbs in a couple of months.  By this time I had given up and convinced myself I was just destined to be an overweight person.  I conveniently didn’t pay attention or acknowledge the fact that my diet was horrendous and I got virtually no physical exercise at all.

In April 2010 Athena Fit Body was offering a 6 week Zumba boot camp that caught my eye.  I have known Serina socially for many years and had been following her journey on Facebook for quite a while.  I decided to check it out and see what Zumba was all about.  I started out slowly, once or twice a week.  I had to take a break in the late summer/fall when I pulled some muscles in my leg but when I came back from vacation heavier than I had been in a long time, and getting winded walking the stairs in my house I knew it was time for a change.  I was done.

So I became a groupie of Athena Fit Body and followed Serina wherever she was teaching.  I also found other types of dance classes that I enjoyed.  To me working out and going to the gym was always such a chore, but with Zumba and the other dancing that I’m doing it’s not work it’s just fun. Instead of dreading to go to the gym or finding excuses to skip physical activity, my day cannot go fast enough until it is time to hit the studio.  My body is transforming and moving in ways I never thought it could, even when I was a much younger woman.

In addition to dancing I also decided to tackle my issues with food and begin a healthier lifestyle.  In October 2010, I joined the Weight Watchers at Work program.  Getting my eating under control and my body moving has transformed my life and so far I have lost just over 40 pounds. 

I don’t obsess over the scale, but watch my weight to keep in check because I’ve learned the hard way how easy it is to go the other direction if you are not paying attention.  I pay attention to what I choose to eat and do my best to make healthier choices than I would have in the past, but if I want to splurge I do; I just make sure it is a special treat and not every meal.

I have to thank Serina and Athena Fit Body because I know that if we hadn’t reconnected I never would have even thought about starting this journey and would have continued to make excuses that I was just destined to be overweight and out of shape.  I am grateful everyday that I sent that first Facebook message to Serina about the bootcamp because it altered the path of my life for the better!!!

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