Sherin  - Co-Owner and Shake Weight Instructor

My weight loss journey began when I was 12 and my family moved to the US.  Never before did I think I was fat.  My introduction to middle school consisted of being teased for my accent and for the fact that I didn’t fit into Guess jeans.  In high school, I worked out twice a day, had 6 pack abs, and still thought I was fat.  Looking back now, I’d give anything for that motivation and body!  Since then I’ve spent thousands on weight loss products and gizmos and have gained and lost 100s of pounds.  My journey now is about being healthy, fit and loving myself.  I’m trying to let go of the scale – though I wouldn’t complain if I lost another 30+ pounds.

Teaching shake weight will be my first adventure in the instructor world.  I look forward to continuing my journey and sharing it with you.  Let’s laugh, sweat, and have a ton of fun together.  See you in class!



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