Serina Monique

Serina – Co-owner and Instructor

 My journey began as a young girl standing in front of the circus mirror at the Weight Watchers meeting with my mom when I was 8. They brought it in so we could stand in front of it and see what we would look like thinner. And so it began,I struggled with my weight since then. I loved to dance and exercise. I ran marathons and worked as a personal trainer here and there. I lost my way for about 5 years and gained a LOT of weight. My father became ill and I became his full time caregiver in 2009. I was 239 lbs! One day, I stumbled upon a latin class at a gym and fell in love with it. I thought to myself…I CAN do this! I found out the name of the class was Zumba. I decided that I was going to teach that class….someday…when I lost my weight. Zumba became my escape for an hour or two while I cared for my father. My family encouraged me to get certified and teach it. I hesitated because I didn’t want to be the “fat girl” in the class with all of the other beautiful, fit instructors. I finally decided that I should do it and perhaps by doing it at the size I was I could inspire someone just like me. So I did, and I never looked back! I am still on my fitness journey.

Most recently, I was working working out with a trainer and got a hernia. Being out for so long I filled my time with bad food choices and couldn’t burn it off. I Gained 30 lbs back. Just like everyone else, I am not perfect. I fall “off the wagon” too. But I am back and ready to lose the 30lbs I gained.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to have our own studio for real people just like me…not perfect…but striving for something better in my life. In the RA Fitness is all about being the best you possible. Finding something you like to do for for exercise and doing it with other people on the same path. We are about smiling, having fun and being thankful…and Divining ourselves! Find your path with us!












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