RealRyder Classes

With 12 Certified RealRyder Instructors you will never be bored. Every instructor is different, therefore, we have named some of our classes:

Beginner Express 30 Minute Ryde: Perfect for the beginner wanting to learn the basics of ryding our bikes that turn and lean 20 ° to the left and right.

45 Minute Ryde: Not too long, not too short…..juuuuuuust right. 45 minutes of ryding. Beginner to Advanced ryder welcome.

60 Minute Ryde: Work on your cardio, strength and endurance. Beginner to Advanced Ryder welcome.

E-Ryde-ica | RA’s provocative, erotic playlist for the 18+ crowd who want to put a little dirt in their RYDE. The room will be dark and the music will be loud. Turn, Tilt, and Ryde your way through our playlist that features songs like, Erotica by Madonna, What’s Your Fantasy by Ludacris, Teeth by Lady GaGa, S&M by Rihanna, Tonight (I’m F**kin’ You) by Enrique Iglesias, Closer by Nine Inch Nails, Ice Cream Truck by Cazwell, The Big Black by Bizarre. Not to be taken too seriously. This class is about having fun and playing the music we sometimes WISH we could play in public when working out. Requests taken.


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