Michael Sinkula | RealRyder

You may be surprised to learn that Michael, RealRyder instructor, is terrified of riding bicycles. Michael was in evolved in a horrific cycling accident in high school that left him injured and hesitant of getting back in the saddle…until now.
Our born and raised Midwest ryder grew up with two brothers who were always active and on the move. By his twenties, he realized that being active wasn’t enough to say fit so he decided to join the gym. However, the weights and machines became overwhelming and intimidating because he didn’t really know what to do. Two years later, Michael discovered spin….and then RealRyder®! Michael says finally, “Wow, not only do I like this, but I CAN do this!”
Michael and his partner, Jacob moved to Arizona from Chicago three years ago. Michael shares, “I have a superstar partner who builds muscle and tones his body easily as well is a great motivator….but I finally found something I am better at than him”. 
What you will find in Michael’s class….He LOVES him some pop music and anything that has a good remix (Glee is no exception). Besides getting sweaty with his drills, you are also encouraged to smile and sing along.
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