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Megan | RealRyder Instructor

I am the twin sister of a super-talented athlete, like captain-of-every-team-all-the-time athlete. However, none of my sister’s natural sport-tastic abilities transferred in utero.

So I grew up being non-competitive. Instead, I believe in being sporty for the joy of movement, the camaraderie of fitness, the fun of getting up, getting out and getting sweaty.

And in spite of a youthful athletic career defined principally by broken bones, I’ve taught stationary cycling for eight years. I’ve completed seven triathlons. I’ve ridden my bike all over this city. I’ve run the Murphy Bridle Path more times than I can count. I’ve climbed most of the Phoenix mountain parks. I’ve hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and put my feet in the Colorado River.


"I learned to ski this year!"

As your instructor, what I will do:

  • Compel you to sweat.
  • Compel you to pedal fast and push hard.
  • Encourage you make musical requests.
  • Encourage you to get to know the people next to you in class.

As you instructor, what I will not do:

    • Scream at you.
    • Say things like “Feel the burn,” unless I am being ironic.
    • Tell you to “Push through the pain,” or anything else even vaguely masochistic.
    • Talk about calories or weight gained or lost.

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