Laura | Zumba, Zumba Toning

Laura | Zumba, Zumba Toning Instructor

One morning on the news there was a news segment about a new “craze” hitting the Valley called Zumba©. The participants were whooping and smiling while they were covered in sweat; how could that be? I was interested; it looked too fun to be exercise. It was perfect timing because as an adult, I was missing dance. So in December of 2008, I took the first class offered at my gym; I was hooked. My instructor and now mentor, encouraged me to become an instructor myself, gently leading me by taking me to demonstrations in the community. In 2009, I took the certification and my life and my body has been changed ever since.

This is no ordinary workout! I love the music, the way our bodies move in their own ways and the Zumba© community. In our classes people greet one another, notice when people are missing and encourage new strengths and achievements. We are motivated and happy from our head down to our tapping toes.
In The Ra Fitness, is a perfect setting to carry out the Zumba© philosophy, “Live, Love, Zumba.” It is a warm, inviting and accepting place where the positive energy flows freely.

I LOVE what Zumba© has done for me and am grateful for the connections I have made to wonderful people. Join me for a workout that you will never forget full of dancing, sweat and laughter. I hope to see you soon.

Laura Gonzales has certifications in Zumba© Basic and Zumba© Toning.

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