Chanel | Zumba

Wow, becoming a Zumba instructor was quite a journey for me ! Losing weight had always been a lost cause for me. Fortunately I found Weight Watchers in 2004 and lost 132lbs. However, I quickly learned that exercise was a must for me to maintain my weight. I started teaching group fitness in 2006 and although I loved boot camp and step aerobics, they began to get stale for me. In 2010 I began taking Zumba classes and was immediately hooked, I couldn’t stay away! I moved here to Phoenix from my hometown of Houston,TX where I quickly found Zumba classes and became licensed in June 2011. Zumba is passion of mine that has brings fitness, confidence, and a huge smile to my face and hopefully yours! Hope to shake it with you soon…Zumba Love:)



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