Amber | RealRyder

Amber | RealRyder Instructor

Meet our 5 10″, Midwest born and raised Instructor, Amber! She Loves spin because her love for the music allows her to cover up (a little bit) of the fact that something is burning, aching or hurting. She leans more towards a climbing routine. “I’m 5-10, so it’s more difficult to get my legs around at a fast pace. No matter how fast I’m going, I always look like I’m in slowest hamster in the cage.”

Because of her Midwest upbringing there will, no doubt, always be a hint of country in her playlist. However, she doesn’t discriminate, “My playlists will feature everything from Nelly to the Bee Gees to Southern Rock…or my latest obsession….GLEE. And you’ll always be encouraged to sing along!”


By day, she has the greatest job on the planet, working for the 2-time WNBA Champion Phoenix Mercury!



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